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Bay View


There is a spa resort that exists solely to promote health and well being for mind, body and soul. Visit once, and it's sure to become a habit.


Indulge your sense with a nurturing session of personal rejuvenation in the soothing ambience of Bay View Spa. Choose from a carefully crafted menu of body and beauty treatments driven by Indonesia’s traditional healing heritage. Surrender to the hands of our well trained therapists and feel your tension simply melt away.

Open daily from 9.00am – 21.00 pm

Location on the sixth floor (suite room 606)

SPA Menu



PHFT001              Natural Spa Facial – 60’                                                                 Rp. 250.000++                      

The natural spa facial with pure honey that rich of protein that complete with soft and gentle milk mask to the entire face. This combine of nature ingredient will nourish, sooth and firm your skrin.

PHFT002             Chocolate Anti Oxidant Facial – 60’                                          Rp 250.000++

An Exotic facial style using traditional herbs.  Using face scrub and facial mask with chocolate aroma. Popular  which anti oxidant and anti stress effect, ending with mini herbal pouch (with cover traditional herbs)



PRBT001              Indonesian Traditional Massage – 60’                                     Rp  180.000++

PHBT001a            Indonesian Traditional Massage – 90’                                     Rp  260.000++

Digital pressure and deep long strokes massage to promote relaxation, relieve muscle tension and increase blood circulation. Choice one of our special oils such as Cananga, Sandalwood, Raja or Ratu Massage Oil

PRBT002              Relaxation Massage – 60’                                                             Rp 320.000++

PRBT002a            Relaxation Massage – 90’                                                             Rp 400.000++

Specialized massage using unique movements are used to relax the mind. Aromatic Massage Oil are applied, enhancing physical well-being and relieving the toxin closing with herbal compress

PRBT003              Chocolate Body Scrub and Mask – 90’                                    Rp 450.000++

Chocolate, known for it’s antioxidant properties to the skin, also improve .The treatment begin by exfoliating your body with rich chocolate body cream that contain soft peeling buds, and then coating it with warm chocolate body wrap.

PRBT004               Milk Mask and Bath – 90’                                                             Rp  650.000++

The treatment begin with exfoliating your body to remove the dead skin cells and soften your skin. Continued with  a luxurious full body milk mask to nourish your skin.

PRBT005              Lulur Nusantara and Traditional Massage  -90’                   Rp  525.000++

It is a noble secret of aunthentic Indonesian treatment with a wellknown “Lulur” , provide in series of collection from Java, Bali and Borneo Island that continues with 60 minute traditional massage.



PRLT001               Eye Treatment – 30’                                                                                        Rp 200.000++

Eyes are the windows of age. Special treatment to eliminate wrinkles and eye puffiness is to use products care from cleanse and finishing with mask.

PRLT002               Feet Reflexology – 50’                                                                                   Rp 150.000++

Is a treatment of the zone on the feet which complete with aromatherapy in natural ways balancing the body, activaty “Healing Powers”, relieving the toxin, prevent health care and also to bring your fell energized and motivated.

PRLT003               Hand Treatment – 45’                                                                                    Rp 200.000++

Everyday living, washing up and gardening can be very aggressive on the hands. Pamper them using creamy milk. The intense conditioning treatment relieves signs of aging on dry, rough hands and rehydrate your skin.

PRLT004               Leg Treatment – 45’                                                                                        Rp  250.000++

Deeply hydrated, it helps restore the skin to a more youthful appearance and improved circulation.

PRLT005               Manicure – 50’                                                                                                  Rp 150.000++

Manicure and nail polish.

PHLT006               Pedicure – 50’                                                                                                    Rp 180.000++

Pedicure and nail polish.

Care Treatements

On request we offer you a selection of exclusive face treatments, massages, peelings, manicures, pedicures and waxing treatments.